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Pumpkin Carob Cookies (Gluten and Dairy Free)

28 Apr


Oh my goodness what delicious cookies. A little fall spice on a rainy spring day. Super moist and fluffy, with the earthy flavor of coconut and carob. Plus these are mercifully gluten and dairy free, overflowing with pumpkin goodness.


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Salty Sweet Cookies

22 Apr


I made these cookies for an upcoming staff meeting. An intriguing mix of sweet and salt these cookies will keep people interested, without being too out there for the more conservative cookie eaters. Since people on my team are not concerned with gluten and dairy allergies, these have both wheat and dairy in them, as well as a little bit of everything else.

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Double Layer Pumpkin Chocolate Cake (DF with GF alternatives)

21 Apr


For the birthday of one of my dearest friends, I whipped out my favorite fall cake. This can be made as cupcakes, brownies, or in cake form. This got gobbled up so quickly I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture of the finished product! It is adapted from a Whole Foods Recipe.


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Deep Dish Polenta Pizza (GF with Dairy Free alternatives)

21 Apr


This recipe is adapted from Mollie Katzen’s Moosewood Cookbook. This pizza varaiation is healthy and satisfying plus it is relatively easy, super adapatable to whatever you have in your kitchen, and easy to feed a lot of people with.

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Lentil Beet Salad

18 Apr


The beets add an interesting touch to this classic lentil salad. Full of nutrients, and ideal for lunch leftovers. Serve warm or chilled on a bed of greens.

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Baked Sweet Potato Fries

18 Apr


This is my all-time favorite weeknight treat. I love sweet potatoes and I love how easy these are to whip up. Plus, sweet potatoes pack a nutritious punch…

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Chickpea, Hazelnut, Date Rice Pilaf

16 Apr


An easy weeknight meal, hearty and nourishing with a nice sweet and spicy mix. In this variation you can put the rice on right when you walk in the door and by the time you get around to starting the other ingredients, it should be just about ready.

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