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Dairy-Free Winter Squash Bread (with GF alternatives)

19 May

Thanks to a friend who works at a farm, we recently acquired a large amount of frozen winter squash. The olive oil substitute is so delicious here. I adapted this from the recipe from, one of my favorite food blogs, second only to Mark Bittman. The picture is from that website too, since I forgot to take one…

Pumpkin Bread

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Ginger Rhubarb Crisp (Gluten free and dairy free)

13 May



Rhubarb is finally in season in California! The ginger gives this crumble a little bite and complements the rhubarb’s tartness and strawberry’s sweetness perfectly. If you like your crumbles very sweet, add more sugar. Similarly, this recipe holds together while still being a little soupy, add more cornstarch if you want it thicker.


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Zucchini Black Rice Risotto

13 May


Black rice adds a wonderful sweet taste to this dish and the blend of lemon and chili gives a fresh, complex flavor. I added shrimp here, because I had extra. The shrimp is delicious, but you could just as easily add tofu or any other protein, or keep it plain and serve it as a side dish.

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Fennel Citrus Shrimp Salad

13 May


This is a perfect recipe for the spring when fennel and citrus are both abundant and fresh. I love this combination of flavors, inspired by Mark Bittman. Great hot or cold, this is delicious for dinner served over rice and cold with a salad for lunch the next day.

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Basil lime baked tofu

10 May
I have been making baked tofu at least once a week for the last several weeks. This is how I like it. Measurements are my estimates, but I don’t measure when I’m cooking this and I’m not in the kitchen at the moment. If possible, rely on your own intuition.

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