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Banana Smores bars

31 Aug



I made these for a staff potluck. I like them because they are delicious, unusual, and have a fun presentation. They are not gluten or dairy free and is adapted from a food network magazine recipe.


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Flaxseed Cookies

29 Aug

A wholesome complement to any moment of your day.


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Dark Chocolate Almond Granola Bars

21 Aug

After a hiatus due to being away for the summer, the blog is back in action. I made these granola bars because I wanted a snack to have at work that would be nourishing but also satisfy my sweet tooth.


These bars are on the soft and crumbly side, rather than the crunchy and chewy side and not very sweet. Play around with the cooking times (cook less for chewier) and the amount of liquid and sweetener (more liquid for chewier) to meet your taste.


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