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Coconut Peach Tapioca (with Dairy Free and Dairy Alternatives)

29 Sep

I love tapioca pudding. My mom used to make this for us growing up and there is something infinitely comforting and delicious about these chewy, warm mixture. Plus, tapioca is very digestible and protein-rich. Making it plain with water and spices is a great way to get some nutrients and soothe your belly when you have an upset stomach. It is the end of peach season so I can really appreciate and savor how perfect they are in this recipe.

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Date Walnut Quinoa Bar

29 Sep


Another variation in my endless search for a satisfying, filling, and nutritious granola bar to keep my blood sugar stable at work. Quinoa is high in protein and the dates are a great sweetener full of minerals, vitamins, and good for digestion. This recipe produces bars that actually hold together, which is always a challenge. To make this into more of a treat, follow directions at the bottom for the chocolate cashew topping.


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Lemon Rosemary Zucchini Bread (dairy free with Gluten free alternatives)

22 Sep


This post is a celebration of bountiful items from our garden and an incredibly large zucchini my friend passed on from her garden. The combination of lemon and rosemary adds a subtle but exciting twist to this classic. I included flour options for gluten free and gluten breads here, they are both delicious.


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Simple Red Lentil Tomato Soup

22 Sep


This is the no-fail go-to recipe of one of my best friends. It is especially great when you are cooking for a crowd but on a time and money budget.

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Spicy Seaweed Soba Noodle and Greens

19 Sep


I made this for a dinner for two of my dearest friends. It is so tasty and this takes about 30 minutes from entering the kitchen to sitting down at the table cooking at a leisurely pace.

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Toasted Sprouted Buckwheat, Quinoa, Barley, and Amaranth Granola

18 Sep


I have been seeking a new variation on my classic granola recipe that packs a higher nutritional punch. This variation takes some planning with the soaking and toasting of the buckwheat groats, but still requires minimal actual time in the kitchen. This method of preparing the buckwheat groats is a great way to make buckwheat digestible and preserve its nutrients.

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Curried Quinoa, Sweet Potato, and Squash with side salad

16 Sep


This is a perfect simple dish for a weeknight dinner. You can use any blend of potaotes, grains, and vegetables that you have around.

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