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Anise Cinnamon Cranberry Sauce (Sugar free and thickened with Kudzu)

27 Dec


I have been home for the holidays and cooking up a storm. This post is featuring one of my mom’s delicious holiday classics. My mom uses a lot of alternative ingredients to make this cranberry sauce healthy, but it tastes just as decadent as the normal sugar laden varieties. She uses Kudzu powder, which is totally tasteless, to thicken the cranberry sauce, and it works really well giving the sauce a nice bouncy texture. Plus Kudzu is a macrobiotic medicinal food, delivering a solid nutritional punch. She sweetens it with xylitol and stevia, which are both low-glycemic candida-friendly sweeteners.

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Baked Sweet Potato Pear Latkes (Gluten free and dairy free)

9 Dec


I love latkes. I don’t love frying them, it smells up the house, it takes forever, and its not very good for you. This Hanukkah I was thrilled to stumble upon this combination that produces latkes that, in my opinion, are even better than their fried counterparts. Plus I swapped out high glycemic russet potatoes for nutrient-rich sweet potatoes for a healthier potato pancake. The pear, garlic, and onion produce a sweet pancake with a kick. Irresistible served warm with applesauce.

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Butternut Squash Soup (Dairy Free and Gluten Free)

9 Dec


Can you tell I love squash? This is a recipe that I grew up eating. My mom would whip this up in the fall and I remember few things being as comforting and soothing. Warm, creamy, and just a little sweet this was one of my favorite soups. Nowadays I will make a huge batch, eat it for breakfast and dinner and freeze the leftovers. This keeps well frozen and can be warmed up and served with some salad for a delicious dinner in a pinch.

This is a relatively easy soup to make, once you peel and chop the butternut squash (if anyone has any tips about doing this in a quick or easy way, I would love to hear them) especially if you have an immersion blender.

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Butternut Squash Risotto (Vegan and Gluten Free)

1 Dec


It has been rainy and grey this past week. I have been searching for a comforting rainy day meal to feed a crowd of friends and stumbled upon a recipe for Butternut Squash Risotto on one of my favorite blogs, Frugal Feeding. I adapted the recipe by adjusting the amounts, roasting the butternut squash, omitting the wine (since I am avoiding alcohol for the Candida Diet), and making it dairy free. The thing I love about this recipe is that it is bursting with flavor and incredibly satisfying. Using butternut squash puree adds a dairy-free creaminess as well as a beautiful orange color. I served this with some crusty GF bread, a rotisserrie chicken, and a simple arugula lemon salad. It was a huge hit.

Risotto is labor intensive in that you can’t really leave it, but I find the process of stirring and adding stock to be quite meditative and peaceful in the right mood.

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Cajun Catfish with collards and black eyed peas

26 Nov


I found the inspiration for this recipe in a real simple magazine and it was the perfect cold night meal to savor while watching a movie with a friend. It is pretty spicy, but varied enough that its not overwhelming. Catfish is a type of fish I have been trying to eat more of because it is one of the fishes recommended for being particularly sustainable and safe to eat. It took about 30 minutes start to finish, so while it takes some planning to pick up catfish, it is an easy weeknight meal.

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Pear, Goat Cheese, and Candied Walnut Spinach Salad

25 Nov


I have made this salad three times for myself, friends, and family in the past week. It is really good and very easy to prepare. I adapted this salad from a recipe Whole Foods gave out in their weekly flyer.

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Truly Healthy and Delicious Pumpkin Muffins- Grain free, dairy free, and (almost) sugar free

24 Nov


After the gluten dairy muffins of last week, I decided to make some that I could truly eat without guilt. These muffins were inspired by a recipe on, a health-conscious food blog I love. They are incredibly protein rich, barely sweetened (and only with stevia and coconut sugar), have no grains at all (just coconut flour), and amazingly end up being irresistible. I was a little surprised myself, but everyone in my family gobbled this batch up right away. This is a deeply nourishing recipe and they are best eaten the day of. The following recipe is only for 6 large muffins. This recipe makes a spicy muffin, cinnamon and ginger are both healing spices and will delight your taste buds in these indulgent muffins.

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