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Fermented Corn Bread (Gluten Free and Cow Milk-Free)

21 Jan

One of the best holiday presents I received was a book called the Art of Fermentation. I have been loving reading about the crazy health benefits of fermentation in creating digestive and immune health. As someone who has struggled with candida, I am particularly interested in the medicinal properties of foods that introduce probiotics and healthy bacteria into your gut and enhance the healthy balance of your system. I have been experimenting with all sorts of fermentation recently and this was a project that turned out so so delicious. As part of this process I have been re-introducing homemade goat yogurt into my usually lactose-free diet and to good results. Goat milk is easier to digest than cows milk and the culturing process adds digesting enzymes. Goat’s yogurt adds a very faint bite to this recipe this is really nice.


I served it with chili and it got gobbled up at a dinner party. I was surprised to taste that it produced the classic cornbread taste except so much richer and better than I had ever tasted before. It had a spongey, ridiculously moist, and vibrant taste to it. There is something about food that is really good for you and alive, that just tastes better.


I was inspired by a recipe posted on Poppies and Papayas and this is what she says about the fermenting process:

The fermentation process in this cornbread recipe helps reduce the phytic acid content, which can bind to essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and zinc. Soaking grains in an acidic medium, such as the lime and yogurt, activate the production of phytase, an enzyme produced by good bacteria. Phytase helps neutralize the phytic acid allowing the magnesium, calcium, and zinc available in the grains to be absorbed instead of excreted.

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